Mangano Calcite

Find your emotional solace with this wonderful crystal.

Mangano Caclite


Mangano Calcite, also known as Pink Calcite, is a wonderful stone that can be used for those who are in need of emotional solace.


Working with Mangano Calcite I have found it is very helpful for those that have have endured some kind of emotional trauma, such as a major life change, the loss of a loved one, abuse, night terrors, and anxiety.  


It takes on the properties of both Calcite and Manganese. Calcite is an energy amplifier while Manganese encourages harmony and balance. Together, this stone enhances energy flow starting at the Crown Chakra down into the Heart Chakra, encouraging the opportunity for Universal Love.


Although Mangano Calcite is mostly known for helping lessen emotional issues, it is also used for some forms of physical distress, including the: immune-system, nervous-system, intestines, and tissue-healing and regeneration.


The science bit…

Its chemical makeup consists of a complex calcium carbonate made of calcium, carbon, and oxygen (CaCO3). Its hardness is at three, making it a somewhat fragile. Calcite is classified in the hexagonal crystal system


This stone will help us release negative emotions and move forward rather than suppressing those poisonous emotions until they become ultimately harmful. It is important to clear the energy channels and increase the energy flow between the Crown and Heart Chakras, creating space for new experiences of deep love.  


I would suggest that if you would like to make a crystal elixir with Mangano calcite you use the test tube method.


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