Have you lost something….

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If you are anything like me then I often put things down somewhere only to lose them as I can’t remember where I have put them!

Using a Pendulum is a quick and easy way to locate lost items.

The Ancient art of dowsing has been practiced throughout time, and the oldest evidence was found in a massive system of caverns, the Tassili Caves in North Africa dated to be at least 8000 years old. Among the many fascinating wall murals, there is a remarkable large wall painting of a dowser, holding a forked branch in his hand searching for water.

Also known as "water witching", dowsing was originally used to find underground water sources, but most recently used for a wide range of other purposes.

Most common uses of dowsing are: seeking out hidden things like minerals, oil deep underground, locating lost objects, missing persons, sources of geopathic stress, and to diagnose illness.

Dowsing is done by using a forked stick or rods, mainly for the physical search of a site, or by using a pendulum. When we work with a pendulum for a crystal healing session we are working directly with our Higher Self/Soul. The information is being sent from the soul directly to our conscious mind via a yes or no answer to questions we ask. We can dowse anything.

In Crystal Therapy we dowse the chakras and energy field to see what the flow of energy is like. We then dowse to ask which crystals are to be used on each chakra to correct the flow of energy bring the chakra back into balance.

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Mangano Calcite

Find your emotional solace with this wonderful crystal.

Mangano Caclite


Mangano Calcite, also known as Pink Calcite, is a wonderful stone that can be used for those who are in need of emotional solace.


Working with Mangano Calcite I have found it is very helpful for those that have have endured some kind of emotional trauma, such as a major life change, the loss of a loved one, abuse, night terrors, and anxiety.  


It takes on the properties of both Calcite and Manganese. Calcite is an energy amplifier while Manganese encourages harmony and balance. Together, this stone enhances energy flow starting at the Crown Chakra down into the Heart Chakra, encouraging the opportunity for Universal Love.


Although Mangano Calcite is mostly known for helping lessen emotional issues, it is also used for some forms of physical distress, including the: immune-system, nervous-system, intestines, and tissue-healing and regeneration.


The science bit…

Its chemical makeup consists of a complex calcium carbonate made of calcium, carbon, and oxygen (CaCO3). Its hardness is at three, making it a somewhat fragile. Calcite is classified in the hexagonal crystal system


This stone will help us release negative emotions and move forward rather than suppressing those poisonous emotions until they become ultimately harmful. It is important to clear the energy channels and increase the energy flow between the Crown and Heart Chakras, creating space for new experiences of deep love.  


I would suggest that if you would like to make a crystal elixir with Mangano calcite you use the test tube method.


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Lemurian Seed Quartz


Crystal Seeds planted for us….

Legend states that there was once an advanced ancient civilization called Lemuria, similar to Atlantis but more spiritually developed and peaceful.  As their time on Earth was coming to an end, the Lemurians programmed these Quartz crystals to teach us their messages of healing,. The Lemurians then planted, ‘seeded’, these Lemurian Crystals, encoded with their ancient knowledge and wisdom, to be found centuries later by us.

If you look carefully at the Seeds you will see they have a ‘bar code’, this code when scanned through the body will help identify problem areas and will quickly clear, heal and re activate any of the Chakras by removing blockages.

Instead of programming these crystals as you would a Quartz you will need to startup or active these amazing Seeds by running your finger along the ‘barcode’ of the Seed while meditating.

Pink Lemurian.png

Naturally Pink Lemurians were discovered in one pocket of the same mine in Minas Gerais, Brazil where the Lemurian Star Seed crystals were originally found.  The pale pink colouring is due to a dusting of Hematite during the growth process. 


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Crystals can help with your day to day life

Crystals have the power to help us with love, health, happiness and help relieve stress levels. Crystal will help us to re-balance our lives giving us a sense of peace.

Today we're looking a bit deeper at Selenite which is a very protective stone and comes with gentleness from the Angels. Selenite will open the higher Chakras to bring in love and light, giving you a great connection to all types of spiritual work. 

Selenite is a very soft crystal and will dissolve in water so please be careful if leaving out in the sunlight to cleanse in case it rains. It can grow to extraordinary lengths as can be seen in these pictures of the Naica Crystal Caves in Mexico

Selenite comes in several colours from Brown green, Brownish yellow, Greenish, Gray green, Gray white, white and clear. 

Copy of Selenite.png


The science bit…
Crystal System: Monoclinic (2/m) Space Group: A2/a
Mohs scale of hardness: 2
Formula (repeating unit ) Monoclinic (2/m) Space Group: A2/a

Personally I love to use a Selenite wand at the end of a Crystal Therapy session by gently massaging it through the energy field.

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Much love