Crystal Treatments; 
Each session will improve your energy levels and your health by bringing in a sense of well being and peace.  It will help to boost your confidence, self-esteem, aid relaxation and sleep.   

Each Session last 1 hour costing £35.00 per hour.

I offer appointments in my peaceful clinic in Bradwell on Sea, Essex.

Crystals, crystal therapy and elixirs work because crystals naturally re-balance the flow of our energy.

Every cell in our body has an electrical potential and water constantly flowing through it. Blood plasma is over 90% water and in it is everything we need to live, everything is distributed through rivers of water around our body.

As water is a polar molecule, which means water will response to an electrical charge and crystals have a natural electrical effect, by placing crystals on our bodies in grids, holding, wearing or drinking crystal water will balance the electrical charge in our bodies.

Crystal's electrical effects, one is known as a PIEZOELECTRIC effect, caused by pressure and the other a PYROELECTRIC effect, which is caused by a change in temperature, heat. Quartz crystal also has a solid-state electric field, which affects a relatively large area of 2-3 feet. The size of the crystal does not affect the electrical properties but sometimes with the larger ones you notice them more. Due to their atomic structure crystals hold a constant focused vibration/ frequency, which makes them a perfect tool in assisting us to release congested energy.

Water will respond to its living conditions, poor conditions will mean poor water quality. Dr Masaru Emoto studies of frozen water crystals have shown how water response to our thoughts, speech and music.

Tap water before and after meditation:







For a very simple experiment make your own elixirs by taking 4 glasses of water and drop in a different crystal tumble stones such as Rose quartz, Quartz & Amethyst in 3 of them leaving one glass without a tumble stone. Leave it for about half an hour or more then taste the difference between them.

A little information about crystals …
The 21st century would not survive without them as they are in our phones, computers, credit cards and medical equipment!

A crystal is mostly a solid mass of minerals, these mineral can fall from the sky, giving us pieces of Meteorites and / or when they hit the Earth the heat generated from the 'landing' can cause minerals to fuse together. Moldavite is a crystal that formed around 14.8 million years ago when a large meteorite crashed to the earth, scientific theories differ on whether Moldavite is a result in the crash landing or it is the meteorite itself.

There are minerals in everything including us, plants, soil, animals, so crystals can form anywhere that there is an excess of minerals within a solution, i.e. water. The rain, sea or river water will filter through the earth's layers picking up the minerals as it drains through. When it reaches a point where it is over saturated with minerals or the water has evaporated, the crystal molecules will remain and start to form a crystal as we have here. Over a period of many thousands or even millions of years the mineral accumulation forms stalactites from the top down, or stalagmites from the bottom up. Heat, pressure and how much space the crystal has to grow will dictate how the crystal will form. Different minerals will mean what type of crystal will grow. If there is a change in it 'living' conditions then there is a chance the crystal will have inclusions (other crystals) or will change it completely to another crystal for example Limonite after Pyrite or from Amethyst into Citrine.

Here are some similarities between the mineral and human kingdom.

Crystals and humanity have an atomic structure.
The same chemical composition of silicon.
An electro – magnetic field.
Due to their atomic structure they can take on programming and can clear and change programs the same as we take on ancestral beliefs and habits from birth.
Need to be cleansed of negativity.
Can look drained of energy and look unwell.
Both need rest and love to be re-charged and revitalized
Humanity and crystals grow and evolve over many lifetimes (phantom Quartz)
We both strive for harmony. Crystals demonstrate this by uniting in clusters. We are offered this in ours families and in society.
They have families too, i.e. Quartz family, Calcite family.
They are all slightly different even if they have the same chemical composition. Very much like our DNA, that has the same chemical composition in all of us but the codes in the sequence of our genes are different making us unique.
Each crystal is unique due to its mineral content and composition, they have a degree of hardness, which is measured by the Mohs scale of hardness, named after Friedrich Mohs. Soft crystal structures such as Selenite should never be cleansed in water, as it is likely to dissolve.