I can’t recommend Debs’ courses highly enough. I have attended Rejuvenating Hands’ Reiki level 1 & 2 courses as well as a Crystal workshop. Debs’ down-to-earth but professional approach to training is refreshing & makes for a relaxed learning environment. I felt well-supported throughout as Debs makes herself available to her students outside of these courses & also arranges continuous professional development meetings for the group. I am so pleased I found Debs & have thoroughly enjoyed the journey.

Jo Kenneally 2016

During our sessions together Debs always listened with patience and focused on the main issues with unerring insight and optimism. She explored difficult and often sensitive issues with consideration and thoughtfulness but in an incisive, positive manner that kept me on track and moving forward even when I felt overwhelmed by negative feelings, memories and ideas. Debs kept me focused on my goals using visual aids to positive effect. She gave numerous tips and practical advice that proved invaluable and enabled me to drop two dress sizes during my course of treatment. Debs made it clear that for me there was always a choice regarding food, she was never judgmental when I weakened but reminded me of my goals and moved me forward to the next stage. So that now whenever I have a choice of menu I remember those words of wisdom, visualise my goals and make a positive conscious decision.
Thank you, Debs, for giving me the knowledge and the skills to move forward towards a much healthier and happier me.
— Jeanette Pallett
I recently completed a course of 6 sessions of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) with Debs Cordery, which was simply amazing. Prior to the course, I suffered with low self-esteem and lack of confidence which was holding me back in life. The course was tailored to my particular needs and held at time and frequency that benefited me. Held in calm and tranquil surroundings of Deb’s treatment room, I felt very comfortable to talk openly about my feelings and fears, knowing everything I said was confidential. The course involved many techniques and therapies including Time Line Therapy. Though at times, very emotional, the results have been remarkable. I am so much happier, confident and have already made so many positive changes in my life. No longer am I held back by my own limiting beliefs, but instead have the self-love and belief in myself and my future, that nothing now seems impossible. Thanks so much Debs!
— Lynda Whitbread
Throughout my entire session Debs made be feel comfortable & in safe hands. Her ability to completely tailor my session to my requirements & needs was great. It was obvious that a great deal of thought & preparation is given to each individual client. The results were fantastic & I have broken though barriers that I am certain would have otherwise taken me years - thank-you.
— Stacey Vermaak
I had been in pain for several months. My right shoulder was sore to the point that I couldn’t sleep on that side at night and my yoga practice was beginning to suffer. When I was given the opportunity to try out an EFT treatment, although I had not heard of it before, I jumped at it because I had tried many things to shift the pain, without success. I had no idea how it was going to work or even what the process was, so I went in with an open mind. I found the routine a little unusual, but once I got used to repeating the affirmations out loud and the tapping, I became comfortable and started to relax. The next day I continued with the affirmations, but not the tapping. I encouraged myself to accept the threapy in the spirit with which it was given, with the intention to help and heal. Within 24 hours I had noticed a difference and within probably 4 days, I was pretty much pain free. I am convinced that by being encouraged to allow self acceptance and forgiveness, the emotional stresses that we bear almost unconsciously are dispersed and we are left more free, in mind, body and spirit. Thanks Debs!
— Jo Gray
I have just attended Deb’s Cordery’s Level 1 Crystal healing course with a couple of friends - It was amazing!!!! Not only was the course content so interesting, it was well structured as well, with a good clear manual that we can refer when we need to. The two days went too quickly - I was amazed at just how soon it was that we had come to the end of the first day and at no time did I think “this is heavy going” Deb’s shared her passion for the crystals and her knowledge and understanding of the crystals with us and kept us enthralled throughout the two days. I thoroughly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning about the wonders of Mother Earth’s beautiful crystals and minerals and I am now really eager to doing her next crystal course.
— Sherrill Pledger