Munay Ki Rites

I'm very excited to announce I'll be hosting 4 days of training for the Munay Ki Rites for the lovely Annie Barber . The dates for this training are the 25th & 26th August 2018 followed by the 15th & 16th September 2018. The total cost for the 4 days of training is £240.00 however Annie is offering an early bird discount of £40.00 if you pay by the 15th July making the cost of the course just £200.00.

Please bring lunch with you.

The venue is in Bradwell on sea, Essex, which is only 30 minutes from the Maldon junction of the A12 and 30 minutes from Chelmsford.

For payment please follow this link Annie Barber

A place to stay locally is The Greenman please book directly with them. 

The Words Munay Ki Mean “Love And Power”

So What Are The Rites Of The Munay Ki?

The 9 Rites of the Munay Ki are transmissions that transform our lives through preparing our luminous energy fields for the changes and shifts that are occurring within our world.

The Munay KI are powerful initiations from the Medicine Men and Women of the Inca tradition, which have been held safely and sacredly for around 500 years. During this time, they were shared only within these communities … but in recent times they have been made available to us in the West as the Shaman recognise that our World is undergoing major shifts just now and that, by spreading these teachings and the Rites, we can bring much needed balance, not only to ourselves but also to our world. 

The Words Munay Ki Mean “Love And Power”. 

As we receive these Rites, we are gifted the potential to bring love and power into a place of balance …which is  filled with love rather than fear, a place that   empowers us rather than incapacitates us … so that we are available to life itself. From here, we can affect our World in a way that serves us all as well as all living things who share our planet with us.

There Are Nine Rites Of The Munay Ki

These are briefly:

1. The Healer’s Rite awakens the healer within you as well as the healing power of your hands.

2. The Bands of Power and Protection…allows you to walk fearlessly in the world.

3. The Harmony Rites… the seeds of 7 archetypes are transmitted into each of your 7 main chakras.

4. The Seer’s Rite awakens the seer within so that you can see into the seemingly invisible world of energy and spirit. 

5. The Daykeeper’s Riteconnects you to the ancient lineage of the Day Keepers, those who created the great stone altars, built to bring harmony to Mother Earth. This Rite helps you begin to heal your inner feminine, step beyond fear, and practice peace.

6. The Wisdomkeeper’s Riteconnects you to the ancient lineage of Wisdom Keepers, luminous beings from the past and the future so that you can begin to feel the experience of infinity. This rite helps you to begin to heal your inner masculine.

7. The Earthkeeper’s Riteconnects you to the ancient lineage of archangels - the guardians of our galaxy  so that you can accept stewardship for all life on Earth.

8. The Starkeeper’s Riteanchors us in the time to come. This reinforms our cellular DNA so that our bodies begin to  evolve into Homo Luminous so that we live and age differently.

9. The God Creator Riteawakens the Creator light within us … bringing stewardship for all of creation. From this place we can envision a world that we want our children and our children’s children to inherit. 


This Is Your Opportunity To Explore The Teachings, Receive And Learn To Gift These Beautiful Transformational Rites.


In our days together we will …

Explore the medicine that sits beneath these teachings so that when you come to  share them, it can be in an informed way.

Receive the gift of a Pi Stone…essential for the sharing of these Rites

Receive each of these beautiful Rites and then practice gifting and receiving them … so that you can confidently pass on this “virus” of love and power.

Bring ourselves to a place of balance, noticing that as things change and shift on our ‘inside’ how this is reflected in our world on our ‘outside’. 

Learn about the shamanic practices  that are intrinsically linked to these Rites, exploring this beautiful Energy Medicine.

Create the opportunity to make deep and meaningful friendships with people who are on a similar journey to yourself

Have time to really dive deeply into the beauty of this work, to practice and gain confidence in the gifting of these Rites …as well as having time for reflection and sharing.

Learn new skills that you will be able to share with family and friends.

Explore the 5 great principals that are associated with the Munay Ki