Crystals can help with your day to day life

Crystals have the power to help us with love, health, happiness and help relieve stress levels. Crystal will help us to re-balance our lives giving us a sense of peace.

Today we're looking a bit deeper at Selenite which is a very protective stone and comes with gentleness from the Angels. Selenite will open the higher Chakras to bring in love and light, giving you a great connection to all types of spiritual work. 

Selenite is a very soft crystal and will dissolve in water so please be careful if leaving out in the sunlight to cleanse in case it rains. It can grow to extraordinary lengths as can be seen in these pictures of the Naica Crystal Caves in Mexico

Selenite comes in several colours from Brown green, Brownish yellow, Greenish, Gray green, Gray white, white and clear. 

Copy of Selenite.png


The science bit…
Crystal System: Monoclinic (2/m) Space Group: A2/a
Mohs scale of hardness: 2
Formula (repeating unit ) Monoclinic (2/m) Space Group: A2/a

Personally I love to use a Selenite wand at the end of a Crystal Therapy session by gently massaging it through the energy field.

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Much love