I have been blessed by meeting wonderful people that I have worked with and / or used ther products and over the next few weeks I'll be introdcung them to you lovely lot.

Today I want to introdruce,

Lorraine Williams from

Lorraine has been a vegetarian for over 30 years. Lorraine considered the choice of dishes in restaurants very limited and uninspiring so she decided to create her own menu using high quality ingredients that encompass a balance of freshness, textures, heat, spice and seasoning.

There is a twice weekly free delivery service available for orders over £15.00 within the local area of Bradwell, however its a beautiful drive in through the country so you could always come iver to pick up an order armed with a cool box.

Check out Lorrianes website for the amazong range of homemade snacks, meal and desserts, I can recommend the Jaffa Loaf!