Gem Water

Gem waters and elixirs

Gem elixirs are a very powerful way of transferring the vibrational frequency of a crystal into the energy system, right down to the cellular level. 

By placing crystals in drinking water the crystal energy is able to restructure the water, and will charge it with the vibration and energy properties of the crystals, affecting the energy body in much the same way as working with the stones themselves.  They’re a great way to incorporate crystal energy into your life, and can be taken anywhere you can take a bottle of water!

A gem essence is not as self adjusting as a flower remedy, if you think of a flower it moves with the breeze, where as the crystal is solid and focused due to its atomic structure.

The crystals MUST be clean and of good quality with no matrix, ‘crust’ on it, have no other crystal within it or be cracked. If in doubt place the crystals in a test tube as shown in the below picture before adding water. Leave for 24hours..

For a very simple experiment make your own elixirs by taking 4 glasses of water and drop in a different crystal tumble stones such as Rose quartz, Quartz & Amethyst in 3 of them leaving one glass without a tumble stone. Leave it for about half an hour or more then taste the difference between them.